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My name is….I am 27 years old. My marriage took place four years ago. My husband lives in abroad he stayed only for two weeks with me after marriage and after that he left for abroad. After that he called me just for two or three times. He does not receive my call even. After some time I gave birth to a baby. He does not accept this baby as his own. He does not have trust in me. He has never expressed his desire of taking me from India to abroad. He does not send me money here. My mother – in – law has complete control over him. I always accept whatever is given to me by my mother – in – law. She does not allow me to do a job. I want to live independently, but I have lot of restrictions me put by my in- laws.

Sometimes I feel I am being treated as a servant in the home. I always kill my wishes. She even sometimes say me to leave the home and go in your parents’s home. My life has become just like a hell. I do not have any capacity to face all these things any more. My family is very poor. My parents would never tolerate when I would tell them my pitiable condition. I do not want to remain with my in – laws house any more. But I feel what would happen to my baby if I marry again.

Suggest me what should be done

Posted by Sonali

dard wali story

this is the story of a lady whose husband went abroad after marriage and she is staying in her parents home. her husband didn’t come back she had been treated like a servant in her parents home.