anokha pyar english story

My name is R*****.I am 18 year old. I studies in a college. I love a boy whose name is H*******.He Studies with me in the same class. I like him. One day he proposed me for friendship. I accepted his proposal. We exchanged our phone number also. We call each other daily and keep on taking in the class even.This is my first love. I had never ever talked to a boy prior to it. Now he wants to take me on a date. Firstly, he tried to convince me for the date. But now he has started forcing me and says that everybody goes on the dates after friendship. I love him extremely. Our friendship started just two months back and I have not completely understood him.

I do not want to go on a date with him unless, I know him completely. Last week, he was in very sad and angry mood and he told me that he wants break up with me as I do not want to go on a date with him. I tried to convince him a lot. But he did not agree. I want to understand him beforehand going to date. Now, he does not talk with me and not even look at me.I can not live without him as I love him the most. I do not know weather he loves me in the same way as I do. Moreover, I feel panicked and when I think what would I happen if my parents come to know about my going to a date with my boy friend. I am in completely confusion. Suggest me what is perfectly right for me.


posted by:-Amita Sharma