Attachment to Boys – status of girls

My name is Deepika (Changed Name ) . I am from Talwara. My father is a farmer. We are four sisters and one brother. The area in which I live is very backward and rural. The inhabitants of this area do not like the girl child. They just prefer the boy child. Whenever a girl. Child takes birth in our area, there is not even a single sign of happiness on their face. They think that girls are just liabilities for their parents. They think that they would have to give large amount of dowry the bridegroom’s family.

They often treats the girl child as burden to her family. Their treatment to the girl child is very bad. Same is the condition in my own family. My mother and father do not like to give preference to the girls. They always take care of our brother. But always ignore the girls. We all sisters studied in the govt school and he is studying in the top most school of our area. They always buy good quality of clothes for him. But the clothes of their daughters are always torn. They bring eatables or fruits in the home. But girls are not allowed to eat anything from fruits or other eatables. But he is free to eat any thing from fruits or other eatables. They do not say ‘no’ to any of his demands. But they never fulfilled our demands. They do not purchase even books for the girls. They say that what is the use of teaching the girl children. They will go in the home of their in – laws after marriage. Only the boy will remain her and serve them. After coming from the school, we all the sisters do work in the farm and my parents do not ever allow our brother to go in the farms. We all sisters often think that how could be so different toward their own children.


Our society should change its attitude toward the girl children. They should be happy even at the birth of girl children. They should provide as much facilities to the girls as they provide to the boys. They should see their all children with one eye. Only then girl children can do something in the society and touch the great heights of glory. No society can survive without girl child. So, it is my humble request to every parent of the society that their attitude to the girl child should also be good and healthy.