Attitude of the society toward youngsters

My name is Ranjana (Changed Name ) . I am the student of computer science in a college. I am in second year. The thinking of the students of that college is very low as our college is set up in a rural area. If any girl or boy talk with each other, they always think that there is friendship or love in between them. They always take love or friendship in a negative way. They think that the boy or girl who talk to each other are not character wise good and they do not like to talk with them or discard them completely.

There was a boy in the class who was very intelligent. I often seek his help for discussing the notes. As he is very intelligent he always helps me. So they are very good speaking terms in between us. Even our families do have relations with each other as that boy is from our relatives. One day we were standing in a corridor of the college and discussing about the topics as on that day there was our exam. Our professor of C language saw us, he got very angry. He started shouting at us. He abused us by saying that you are giving bad name to this institution and slapped on the face of that boy with whom I was discussing the notes.

I tried to convince him that we were just talking about our subject. But he was not ready to listen us. He told that you are just making lame excuses. He called our parents and started blaming us for spoiling other children and told that we are spoiling the atmosphere of the college. Our parents too started blaming us in front of our professor. They did not take our side by saying that there are even relations in our families I went in to the home and my brother beat me and told my parents that they should marry me as early as possible .

I wept bitterly as my intention toward that guy were not at all wrong. He tried to convince my parents. But they did not understand me. They got me engaged with a guy who is 10 years elder to me. I know that there is so much age gap between us and he will never be able to understand my feelings after marriage. It is my humble request that the society should change its attitude toward the young ones. They should not make fun of the young people like this and spoil their future like this.