Bath with mobile – fun story

My name is Jessica (Changed Name ) . I am from Chennai. I am of nineteen years old. I am the single child of my parents. My parents love me a lot. My father is a Police Inspector and mother is a government teacher. They fulfill my every desire. They can never see me is sorrow. I am ultra modern girl. I am in the habit of performing modeling. My mobile is always with me I have a lot of friends on phone as well as on face book. My parents even some time get fed up because of my this very activity. They always advice me for not using the mobile so much. But I always ignore it because I have addiction of my mobile I can not live for more than 10 minutes without mobile.

One day I was taking bath in the evening. My phone rang. There was no body in the home. So I came out of the bathroom to pick up the phone from my bedroom (as my bedroom was attached to the washroom). I picked up the phone and went back in to the washroom. This was my boy friend’s call who is very naughty. When I once start talking to him, I forget everything and do not often imagine what time has been passed while talking to him. I always like talking to him. I share everything which happen all throughout the night with him. I started talking to him. He was in very happy mood. He was driving on the road on his bike and was enjoying the weather as it was raining. When he said I am enjoying in the rain I too turned on the shower and started talking bath by shower and told him that I am also bathing in the rain water.

I did not remember that I was holding mobile in my hand and water was throwing on it. After talking on the phone for ten minutes, my phone suddenly stopped working then I came to know that water was gone into my mobile while I was under the shower. I laughed a lot on my foolishness as I had not thought even for a single time while talking to my friend that water is going inside my phone. When my parents came I told them that my phone has stopped working all of a sudden. They said thank God now we would not buy any sort of mobile for you. But I kept on insisting them again and again for the whole night and next day and in the morning my mother for me because she can not see me in sad mood but this time I bought the water proof mobile. When my mother asked the reason for buying the water proof mobile, I did not tell her anything. ha ha …