Boy friend Vs Husband – real story

My name is Deepika (Changed Name ) . I am from Delhi. I am twenty seven years old. My father is a bank manager and mother is a house wife. I have one sister and one brother. Both of them are married. I am married and my husband is in abroad. I live with my mother in – law. My husband stayed with me just for six weeks in India and after that he went back in Canada. He is very loving, caring, truthful and honest. He has great regard for my family. There is not any shortage of money in the home. My husband fulfills my every demand. He sends money from abroad and tells me to buy anything I want sometimes I come in my parental home also for staying.

One day, I was coming from my in-laws to live in my parental home. Then I met with the boy who was in love with me before marriage. We were used to go in the restaurants, often called each other and spend time with each other for hours. Before my marriage, I did not want to get marry with the guy (now my husband) which was chosen by my parents for the marriage as I was already involved with my boy friend. I tried a lot so that my marriage could not take place. But my parents were of the view that they would not let me marry with my boy friend. Finally I had to bow before my parent’s desires and I got married.

One day, I was coming to my parent home, I saw my boy friend. When I reached home, he called on our landline number and expressed his desire of meeting me but I told him that I could not meet him as I am married. He started forcing me. He told me that he would tell everything to my husband if , I did not come to meet him. I got upset. I told about it to my friend. She suggested me for keeping away from my boy friend and do not go for meeting him. I could not sleep for the whole night on that day and I always think that what would happen if he tells everything to my husband. Now he is just blackmailing me by doing like this. Before this incident, I had too much respect for my boy friend. But now I have started hating him do not like him at all now. Sometimes I feel myself lucky for not marrying that guy as I am able to recognize his face just after my marriage and thank to god for getting me married with the guy who is most suitable for me.