Breakup with girl friend

I am Rehant (Changed Name ) . I am studying in a college in Prof. 3rd year. I started loving a girl who was eight years elder to me. She was financially sound & was doing govt job. She was fully attached to me. In the very beginning, she was not interested in me. But my too much attention toward her brought her close to me. Her home was just near by our home. We often went in to each other’s home as my family has good relations with her family. My family had good opinion about that girl as she was very intelligent. One day, I was alone in my home, she came in our home for asking something to my mom. As my mother was not in my home, I told her that in my home, I told her that there is not body in the home. She was just about to leave, I do not know from where the courage came to me and I got hold of her hand. She although was eight years old to me got panicked because of my this very behaviour. She desired to get her hand loose from the grip of my hand. But I had caught her hand too tightly. Then an idea came in to my mind of proposing her. I proposed her for love. Our conversation want on like this.

    Me :– I like you

    She :– What?

    Me :– I can not live without you?

    She :- You know, you are too younger to me.

    Me :-  In love, age does not matter.

    She :- But my parents want to get me marry as early as possible as I am of marriageable age

   Me :- I do not know about that. But I want to live in relation with you. I do not have any corner in my heart for any other girl accept you.

When she heard this all. She got emotional & accepted my proposal she came in to my room as there was not body in the home. We talked for a long time. Then I came close to her . I kissed her & that kiss was too passionate which revealed that she too was in love with me but her love was suppressed. After that she went in to her home. Just when she reached her home, a guy had come to see her for the purpose of marriage with his parents. Her family had not told her anything about it to her. They selected her for their would be daughter – in – law. When I came to know about it I wept bitterly for a hour as my love with her was fully true. It was the same day when  I went into relation with her & on the same day break – up took place between us. I want to have relationship with her even after her marriage. But she does not want so and tells that it is against her ethics. I can not marry her as my family would not let me to marry her because she is eight years elder to me. Suggest me the way by which I could be happy in my life.