Can’t say YES to Someone GooD

This is my true love story. My name is Ilaa (Changed Name ). I met one guy in social networking site. We were friends at orkut. His name is Iraan (Changed Name ). I did not accept this friend request earlier. I saw his orkut profile. His profile was ok. He was doing B.Tech from NIT College and I was also doing B.Tech in CSE from lovely professional university. I found his profile ok so I talked to him. We were generally friends and have nothing between us. We talked at orkut one or after two-three weeks. I talked to him because he has the same name iraan who was my senior in my school time. He was so intelligent guy.
One first conversation at orkut was:-
Iraan: – Hi ilaa!
I replied: – Hi Iraan, were you my senior at my college time? How are you? How is your studies going on?
Iraan:- Im good,You say how are you.
And are you the same illa,Who was my friend at school time?
I answered: – hmm… Iraan I am not joking, there was seriously iraan named guy in my school and he was 2 years senior to me.
Iraan: – haha Im also not joking. Are you my friends?
I replied him: – No I have not any friend named Iraan
Iraan replied: – I was also not your senior. Ok?
I told: – ok.
Iraan: – so now all questions were clear. Now tell? How are you? What do you do?
I said: – I’m good. I’m doing B.Tech (computer science) from LPU.
Iraan:- great. I’m also doing b.Tech from NIT Jalandhar.
I told: – ok. So where your Parents live?
He answered: – I’m basically from Chamba.
I said: – ok. In which year you are studying?
He replied: – This is my last year.
I told: – ok.
He asked: – Any more questions Madam?
I replied: – No
He said: – ok. Interview is over? So am I selected?
I answered: – hmm… Yeah you are selected as a friend.
He told: – Thank you, Thanks a lot. I approved.
I smiled and said him: – ok bye. I have to go now.
He said: – When will you be online again?
I answered: – Its at 9:00 P.M.
H e said: – ok ilaa, Thank you. Bubyee. I will wait for you at 9:00 P.M.
I answered:-ok. And I got offline.
I again came online at same time 9:00 P.M.
He was also online and he started to talking to me.
He said me to add him in facebook. I took his id and added him.
I saw his facebook profile in which I found his birth date was 1990 and mine was 1989. So I confirmed his id again to know is this profile of iraan? As we both are in same semester but he is one year younger than me.
I confirmed and added him.
We talked on facebook regularly and now four years has been spent. He is working as Sr. software engineer in one of the Big multinational companies of India.
From last 4 years we were talking as friend. One day he proposed me. He has every quality in him like he is well educated, smart, intelligent and well settled. He has all qualities that someone should be in him/her. But still I cannot say yes to him. He proposed me three-four times. But at last I told him that we are good friends. He thinks that why I’m not saying yes to him as I’m single and no other reason to say “No” to him as he is a perfect guy. But the reason is I’m one year elder than him and I want my life partner elder than me and not even one month younger.