Cheating in love – I hate boys

My name akaksha (Changed Name ) . I am from ropar. I am doing M.B.A from a university. I am of very shy nature. My family belongs to low class. My father was once a prosperous businessman but with the time his business declined and we went in to debt. Somehow my uncle supported my father for paying my fee of university and due to him I am studying here. I live in a village and my family’s views are very orthodox. They always advised me for keeping away from the boys.

But unluckily, a boy started liking me. He too was living as paying guest in the home where I was living. From his face, he always appeared to me very innocent. One day, he came in my room (when the owner of the house was not there) I got frightened. He told me that there is nothing to be afraid from him and then we expressed his feelings of love to me. From his talks, it was evident that he was deeply in love with me. But I resisted his offer by saying that my family is very orthodox and I just want to concentrate on my studies by not paying any sort of attention to anything else. He listened to me carefully and assured me that there is nothing bad in friendship if one has true feelings for his/ her partners. So, I agreed to his proposal and our friendship started growing with time.

I had full confidence in him. One day, the owner of the home had gone for attending the marriage and she did not come during the night even. I was feeling fear so I called mukul (that guy with whom I was involved) in my room. During that night we came in to close contact with each other and I was expecting baby. I got worried when I came to know about it. When I told to mukul about it, mukul too get very upset and rather than supporting me during that difficult time and advising me for the suitable action, he fled from the place where he was living.

He was doing job in a pharma company. When I enquired from the company about him, I was told that he has left his job. Really, that was the most difficult time of my life. When I tried his phone number, I came to know that he had changed his number somehow, I discussed about it with my friend neha (Changed Name ) and she advised me for aborting the child because I had not any other way except it. She helped me a lot for coming out of this incident. Till then I hate boys and advises all girls for keeping their selves away from them although they appear so handsome and innocent to them.