confession by brother

You have a sister? If yes then I am really jealous of you. I don’t have one. What I want to confess about is the change that a girl(cousin) of 5 brought in me! Since the day I broke up with my first gf(because of other boys) , I’ve been proposing the best girls out there and just leaving them. Just to hurt them. Just to make them feel what I felt. Just to seem them cry the same way I cried for 6 months. But. Few days ago I went to attend marriage. And met with Ritika.
My cousin. She’s cute and innocent as most kids are. I was in love with her. All these days she’s with me sharing her li’l tales and laughing. Now I have come back home. And yes I am missing her so badly for last few days. May be I don:t have sis. So I just wanted to apologies to each person I hurted. Each girl.