Confidence of My Boy Friend – I am impressed

My name is Priya (Changed Name ) . I am of twenty years old studying in a college doing B.Tech. Once there was beauty contest in our college. I was also the contestant there. As I always stood first in the class and was beautiful also so the Judges selected me the beauty queen. There was a guy in our class whose name was Rohan (Changed Name ) . He too was doing with us. I always noticed that he wants to talk to me. But I never gave him chance. As I was selected as the beauty queen, I started feeling proud on myself and was of the view that the person to whom I develop friendship too must be handsome and belonging to the highest strata of society.

One day, rohan came to me for asking the notes as he had missed important topics. I handed over the notes to him of which he was in need. He photocopies those notes and then again came to me for returning the notes. Rohan too was handsome but I was in need of such a guy who should be different than the others in personality as well as standard. So I had not any sort of feelings for him. On the second day, he again came to meet me but I was busy so I told him that I will meet him the next day. After some time his friend came to me and told that Rohan is flirting with me. He told that he just wants to come near me so he is finding one excuse or the other. He also told me that Rohan’s friends had bet with him for 5000 Rs saying that if he is able to win my hand with in seven days then they would give him Rs 5000 and if he loses the bet then he should have to pay Rs. 5000.

I was stunned to listen this from his friend. I had understood that Rohan is a very innocent guy who just needs my help. So I got very angry with him. When he came to one on the third day to meet me, I spoke angrily to him. And told him that he is just flirting with me for winning Rs 5000. However, he made me cool and requested me for taking coffee in the near by shop. I went there. He told me that what ever I listened was true but his love for me is 100% loyal and there is not even a little bit flirt in it. He said me ‘I Love U’ there. At that time I could feel that his feelings for me were true but still I was saying that he is cheating me. Saying this I came out of the coffee shop on fourth day, he again came to meet me. But I ignored him and told him for not meeting again. But he did not leave following me and started finding excuses to talk to me. On fifth day, he again came to me and expressed his desire to talk to me but I told him that he would loose his bet as I would never get ready for friendship with him. But he answered me that it does not matter me if I loose Rs 5000 but his main focus lies in winning my heart. I was really impressed by his these very reply and got ready for making friendship with him. Even before the expected time of his bet, he was able to win my heart as his feelings for me were 100% true. Now one year has passed since I made friendship with him and I have never found any weakness in him and even want to spend my further life also with him as I have full confident on his feelings for me.