Confusion in Relationship

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Hey friends. My name is Nidhi (Changed Name). Just few months have passed since my marriage took place everything is there in my In-laws home. My husband is very cooperative and handsome. I like him a lot but he I s not able to make physical relations with me. Six months have passed to my marriage but I  have never told about it  to  my  parents .Few days back when I went  to my parental home. My mother noticed as I am not inwardly happy. She asked me again and again then I told her. She too got upset on k knowing about it and rebuked me for not telling a bout it earlier.  Now my parents want to leave my husband. But I don’t want to leave my husband. But I don’t want to do so at nay cost as he is my first and last love and I cannot think about anybody else except him. Please guys suggest  me what to do as I am in much confusion .