Crazy love – Triangle True love story

My name is Aparna (Changed Name ) . I am studying in B.C.A. I have a friends whose name is Alisha (Changed Name ). She is very beautiful. She is the best friend of mine. Last year a boy named Abhinav (changed name) proposed her and she accepted the proposal as she wanted to have friendship with a guy. After becoming friend, hey started calling each other. Alisha always took my help in the things related to abhinav. They started meeting each other in the restaurants. One day she wanted to take me also in the restaurant for getting he introduced to Abhinav. I immediately accepted going there with her as I had great desire to talk to Abhi.

When I reached in the restaurant and she introduced me with Abhi, he was looking quite handsome and innocent. I talked a lot with him. Alisha was just seeing at both of us and was thinking as if we already know each other I was quite impressed by his personality and way of talking. At that time, I started feeling jealousy from Alisha as she was his friend.

I had started liking Abhinav after meeting him. So I desired to get her at any cost. Alisha used to discuss with me about. Abhi and always increased, my jealousy for her. Now I wanted to break their friendship so I thought a plan. I started telling lie to Alisha about Abhinash and started telling her hat he is not a good guy and he would spoil her future. But she never understood my things and her friendship with Abhinav did not decrease at all.

One day, Alisha told me that she is going to meet abhinav. She went in the restaurant where they used to meet. I was feeling jealous of her. So I hit a plan. I called from some another number and told her parents that Alisha is in Shehnaz restaurant. I had not revealed my identity to her parents by that phone call.

Her parents reached in that restaurant where she was with Abhinav. They rebuked her much and took her in the home and stopped her for going in to the college. Alisha did not come the next day. She called me in the evening and told me everything what had happened to her. She could have never guessed in even. A dream that I could do like this with her but I have not any fault in it I do not have control; over my feelings for Abhinav.

As Alisha does not come in the college now and they have stopped calling each other, I would try to express my feelings to Abhi and I hope that he would agree for friendship with me at last I do not know what I am doing is right or wrong but I do not have any other way out.