Crime story

This is the story of 33 years lady named Poonam (Changed Name ) and 35 years Man named Pardeep ( Changed Name ) . Poonam is the second wife of Pardeep.  Pardeep had one daughter named Isha (Changed Name ) . Poonam and Pardeep were married and Poonam became the step mother of his daughter.  Poonam wanted her own child and did not love Isha like her own daughter.

One day Isha was going to school and she asked for breakfast from Poonam.

Isha said:- Mom I’m feeling hungry. In school also I was unable to concentrate on studies due to the Hungry stomach.

Poonam replied:- Ask your dad to keep the servant for you. He do not earn much and you orders like Princess.

Isha started weeping.

Poonam told:- Take this packet of biscuit and keep satisfied with it.

She took it and went to school.

Pardeep came from office. Poonam was preparing food and was serving it on dining table.

Pardeep told:- Poonam , i am watching that you are not taking care of the Isha.

Poonam:– How much care I can do. I’m doing. I can’t do more than this,

I want my own child.

Pardeep said;– Now you consider Isha as your own daughter. He left the food and went to his room.

Poonam also went to her bedroom.

Next day Isha went to school and in evening after the school off timings. She came back to home and was playing outside.

Pardeep came back at home from office and he was asking for Isha from Poonam.

Poonam said:- Isha is playing with her friend.

Pardeep went outside to bring Isha.

He found isha was not there and he came to ask Poonam about Isha.

Poonam said: – She was playing outside. I do not know where she is now?

Pardeep told:-I know you harmed her.

Poonam:- What? Are you mad?

Police started searching for Isha. After two days Police found the dead body of isha in deep Pond.

Police came to Isha’s home and started enquiry from Poonam (her step mother).Police also asked her neighbours about Poonam’s behavior with isha.

According to the responses, Police arrested poonam.

Police started asking questions to Poonam regarding Isha.

She said: – I do not know where she is? This is what. Im not her real mother that’s why you arrested me and put into jail. Have you any proof that it’s my hand behind isha’s death? Yeah I wanted my own child and I also want now but I have not any kind of enemity with isha.

Police: – Yeah that’s why we are not too much strict for you. But to arrest you is our duty.

Police started searching for evidence, found a mobile phone, watch and some other evidences with isha’s dead body. Police also left  Poonam and told they will arrest  her after collecting proofs.

He found the mobile phone was of Pardeep (her father) and some other things related to Pardeep.

Pardeep said:- I do not know about that Poonam was using this cell..

Poonam said:- Yeah I use this phone but I did not give it to isha.

Police took contacts from the phone and investigated. They found Pardeep and one lady who murdered Isha because they both were planning to live together. And it was that woman’ decision to murder isha. That lady was too rich so Pardeep wanted to marry her. Pardeep and she were also planning to murder Poonam but they were not successful as their truth came in front of everyone now.