Dard dil ke – True Love Story



Hiii everyone , from the childhood I used to speak very less ,as I have faced a lot of troubles from my childhood , as my father was so rude ,arrogant person ,I use to hate my father ,I rarely get any love from my father since childhood. Although i am a hard worker from always but I always use to let the thing go and keep quite even if it was unfair to me. now when i am an adult i realize it has turned me into an introvert Personality. I feel it difficult to have a confident conversation because i am afraid of being judged. i am afraid of people knowing my past, so i don’t be honest and pretend to be someone else.

Everything i tried in life i reached at some decent level, because everything was effort driven and not interest driven. I don’t know what i like. i have gone through college, worked at a reputed company, learned sports arts music photography, and like the bits of all these but never really loved anything ,and this is the reason why I lost focus after reaching at a level. Even I also got rejected from the girl I liked and now it is very difficult for me to face her everyday at my workplace, I pretend always to be ok but actually I am not ,I really cant get her out of my head……