Dating tips and advice for woman

Hi I am Maria (changed name) I belong to New Delhi. I think girls should read this carefully before going to dating with someone. Now I am married (my first love) so here I am sharing my first dating experience with you. I had learnt many thinks from my past so I want that every girl should be very careful before going to dating with a guy.

Wear best and proper dress: – try to wear that dress which you wear in common life. Do not wear very short dresses when you go for dating.

Safe places: – go to safe places, restaurants with in your reach never go to silent places. Go to places where you feel this is very safe place for you.

Dating with known: – go on dating with your boy friend or guy who is known to you never go on dating with unknown persons in your life. I had very bad experience in my life when I agreed to go to dating with an unknown persons.

Some boys are irritating:- some boys would try to irritate you with their bad habits, But do not get irritated with their strange behavior. Try to ignore their irritating behaviour.

Never surrender completely:- be a strong girl. Do not become so emotional that anyone can…. I think you can understand what I want to say here.

Never go on dating with married person:- it was my very bad experience when I agreed to go on dating with a married person I think this was my wrong decision. It is ethically wrong to go on dating with a married person.

Speak and behave properly:- I know girls speak lie on dating as I did. But I feel this is not good for us to speak wrong words or behave wrongly with our dating partner. So always try to speak truth with your dating partner.

Never allow your partner to misbehave:- some time some guys try to misbehave or try to touch you. Do not allow your dating partner to do these things at all. Because good guys never do these things on dating

I have shared my life experience with you. So please try to follow so that you should never feel shame on yourself in your life and one more important thing is that if you don’t agree with me then please don’t follow my tips.

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