BETRAY By Husband

My name is R***** . I am 30 years old. My marriage took place three years ago. After marriage I came to know that my husband is not physical fit. He was suffering from some disease and was on estroid. He is now a software engineer.  Although his income is high but all the money is spent on the medicine. I have done M.Com, B.ed. I give tuition to the student in home. I have seen the time when from my own meager income. I have purchased the medicine for him as their was no money in the home. As I was not told anything about this disease prior to my marriage, I feel after upset. One day I talked about it to my mother in law. She told me that this diseases occurred after marriage which is completely wrong. As nothing happens in just a few days, As his treatment was under a doctor. I come to know about that doctor & he told me that he(my husband) has been suffering from this diseases since 10 years ago. I felt too much frustrated at that time. I did not tell anything about this to my parents for two years. Now I have a son also. But when I told about it to my parents, they rebuked me for not telling anything for such a long time. They now want me to get marry with another person. But how can I think o marrying another person as i have one baby also. How can I think of leaving my husband & marrying some another. But when I think about the disease, I often feel myself insecure. What should I do, should I leave him or remain with him……………..