Doctor-Patient Relationship – Real Confession Stories

Doctor is next to God who gives life to the people and his the patient. The phrase “God gives birth to the child” is true but doctor brings the child in the world by using his technique and knowledge. The doctor-patient relationship forms the foundations of the medical field.

One day I got the serious case i.e. the case of accident. The accident was very drastic and I was to examine that case. The patient was in very critical stage and the bye pass surgery was to be done. I was out of station but the message was left in my phone by the doctor of the hospital. But I had not read that message because I was busy with my family in the family picnic. All the hospital staff called me one after the other but I was not available to attend the call. The doctor–patient relationship is that relationship which seems to have a small, but statistically significant impact on healthcare outcomes.

After spending my vacation I went back in the hospital and there staff told me did of the situation and how the death of that patient occurred. I felt guilty, Because of my negligence the patients not survive. That time I cried a lot. That time I realized that duty comes first and rest everything is subservience.

That incident changed my whole life. After that I started taking my duty seriously and also started treating the patient as a family member. Although I don’t share my problem of depression and sadness with anyone yet I came out of it and started my profession of saving the life of the patient again. This incidence has bought the drastic change in my life.