Failure in Love – True love story of girl

My name is Nitasha (Changed Name). I am from kalkata. Through this site, I want to share my misfortunate failure in love for three times. Sometimes I think I am not made for love or love is not made for me. Through this site I would share my all experiences in love one by one in this real story.

When I was in tenth class it was my first time when I fell in love. This time my lover was none else than my neighbour. He was quite handsome but much elder in age than me. I started liking him. Firstly, this love was just from my side and in adolescence I proposed him for friendship but he refused my offer by saying that his parents has chosen a girl for him for the marriage and he is going to wed with her. Soon But I told him that I just want friendship from him and not anything else. So, he agreed. After that we started meeting each other occasionally and had exchanged phone numbers also.

Then the date of his marriage approached and it was really unbeatable day for me because till that time my friendship had changed in love with him. After his, marriage, he stopped picking my phone and even stopped meeting although he had promised with me that he would continue his love even after marriage. Some how I understood his situation and stopped calling him. My friends helped me a lot to come out of that mishappening. Had those friends not with me I would have not been able to come out from that unfortunate incident. After that I started finding some another guy with whom I could share my sorrows and joys. This time, I started liking the brother of my friend nitika (Changed Name) . His name was armaan (Changed Name). One day, I was not well and had not gone to the college. (At that time I was in Secondary Class). So I went in to nitika’s home. As nitika was not in home, her friend armaan made me sit in their drawing room and himself prepared tea for me and told me that nitika is coming with in short time.

But before she could come he proposed me for friendship. As I was already in search of a nice guy like nitika’s brother. He told me that all this should be secret from nitika as she would tell the whole matter to their parents. I agreed to it and we started calling each other as we had exchanged our phone numbers even in the first meeting. We started meeting each other in cinemas and our friendship started growing fast. But one day I came to know that he is going to Italy with in few days as he had applied for the visa that country. I got very upset. As armaan had never told me that he was planning for going to abroad. With in few months, he went to Italy and after going there he continued calling me just for six months and after that he started loosing interest in me and his call became few this was the time when I was feeling myself very alone and I made commitment with me that I would never make friendship with any one.

So I stopped talking with any boy. All through my graduation, I just concentrated on my studies but when I was in the last semester of my final year, a boy proposed me who was studying in my class. He was very smart. I accepted his offer without thinking anything. After that we started spending time with each other in college. But one day, he was sitting near me and his friend called him and he forgot his phone at the place where he was sitting and went out to meet him. I picked up his phone and started operating it. I had desire to see his photos. So I opened gallery of mobile and was shocked to see him with a girl and from their picture it was very easy to guess that their was close relation between them. When I saw the other snaps, I got more shocked as they were in close contact with each other. I got very angry and asked him about this. But he told him that it is a way of life. After that I broke friendship with him. So, in this way all the three times, my love had always sad ending sometimes, I think perhaps it was just decided by God in my lot.