Fake Love – True love story

My name is gagan (Changed name ). I had a friend whose name was Teesha (Changed Name ). She was very beautiful and intelligent. Her father had his own school where he was doing the job of a principal and her mother was doing govt job. Her brother was doing job in a company. When we were doing B.S.C I.T (first year), a guy started liking my friend. He was doing B. com in the same college where we were studying. One day, we were going back to our home, he proposed my friend.

But she said ‘no’ as she was very innocent girl and had not any intention of making any friend. But that boy was deeply in love with her. He used every method to convince my friend. But every time my friend’s answer was ‘no’. In the last, he used me for convincing my friend. He wrote a diary in which he had described his feelings toward my friend. I read that. I too got emotional when I read that diary and I handed over that diary to my friend. After reading that diary, my friend’s attitude toward that guy changed.

As she was thinking that guy is a scoundrel. That is why he is following her again and again. After reading that diary, she herself went to that boy and got ready for the friendship. As it was their last year in the college, they decided for continuing their friendship even after college. They used me as a mediator. I helped them a lot for passing the girl’s gift to boy and boy’s gift to girl. After doing graduation, my friend started staying in the home.

Her parents decided of getting her marry. But she was not willing to marry as she was in affair with that guy. They planned for running away from their homes for the marriage. They got married in the court. Boy was from a very rich and reputed family. After performing marriage in the court, when he came back to his home along with my friend, his parents misbehaved with him as well as with my friend. They were not ready to accept her as their daughter – in- law. They asked her for going back to her home. They told her that if she wants to become the bride of their son then she has to bring rupees one crore from her home. They pushed her away from the home and got their son inside the home. But when that girl reached in her home, her family too misbehaved with her as she had given bad name to the credit of her family as she was not able to tolerate this type of behavior from her family, she committed suicide after some time. It is my request to every college going student that they should think for hundred times before taking these types of decisions.