Feeling of love – love with married girl

My name is Adarsh (Changed Name ) . I am from Shimla. I am twenty three years old. After completing senior secondary, I took the exam of bank and got that passed. Now from two years I am doing permanent job in bank. Few months back, I fell in love with a girl who is already married. Her marriage took place six months back. But her husband is no more. Her husband was suffering from a disease from six years and she was not told about it before her marriage. She told me this when I happened to call her on phone. She was quite innocent. One day, I was sitting in my bedroom and dialing the number for calling my friend bus I missed, one digit and another digit was added to it by mistake. A girl picked up the phone. Her voice attracted me at that time and I had desire to talk to her more although I was told by her that I had dialed wrong number. but I did not pay attention to that and started showing interest in her. With in a few minutes she became informal with me and started talking to me as she knew me from the long time.

She discussed with me everything linked to her life. Although her husband was no more but she was living in the memory of her husband and was not able to come out of that. She was living in her in laws home. Although her in – laws behaviour after her husband’s death was not good to her. But she did not want to leave that home because her sweet memories. She experienced in that home with her husband. Her parents wanted her to leave that home and get married again but she told me that she does not want to get marry any more. From the very first call I got this much information about her.

Iy did not had effect on me that the girl in whom I was showing interest was already married with in short period of time I became crazy after her prior to it, I had never experienced this type of feeling. One day, I call her for meeting me in a restaurant. But she did not agree to it. I wanted to meet her because I had much desire of seeing her and I wanted to know how she looks. Actually I had desire to fill happiness in her life. I could not ever think of having ill will against her. My loving toward her was completely spiritual. Now I stooped thinking about the other girls. At that time I thought that I have got what I was searching from the many years.

One day, again I called her and started convincing her for meeting me. But she was continuously saying ‘no’ to it. But at last she got ready and came to meet me at the appointed place. She was alone and she had told her in laws home that. She had told her in laws home that. She is going to meet her friend (girl) who lives a few miles away from their home. I reached at the appointed place, before half an hour and started waiting for her at that time I was feeling that it is very difficult to wait for someone to whom you love the most. Every time I was looking toward the passage from which she was supposed to come. She came after ten minutes of the appointed time I immediately recognized her. She was looking extremely beautiful and innocent although she was wearing light coloured dress. I could not utter even a single word because I was getting very nervous at that time as I was meeting a girl for the first time in my life. She stayed there only for ten minutes. I told her to sit there and have something. But she did not sit and took anything but this was the time when I had started feeling that she too was feelings in her heart for me. One day I ventured my courage to ask her on phone if she is willing to marry me. She said ‘no’ to it. But when I repeated the same thing continuously for one month, she agreed to it and she too accepted that although she could never forget her husband but she has feelings for him also. This was the happiest day of my life when I listened these words from her.

On the next day, I talked to my mother about it who is my best friend but she told me for stop thinking about that girl because she is already married with her what would the other people say about him as the girl to whom I would marry is widow.

Although it is going to be very difficult for me to get my mother get convinced for my marriage with that girl but I am sure that she would get convinced with time. Who so ever reach my story; please pray to God for my marriage with that unhappy girl so that I could make her life colourful, hopeful and enchanting.