Fellow Feeling

My name is Zeenat (Changed name ) . I am from Kashmir. The area where I live is not peaceful. It is very dangerous area. The voice of bullets can be heard everywhere in this area. I always had dream of living in a peaceful area. I always desired of getting married in such an area where there is peace all around. My family is poor. We had the work of rearing cattle. One day my brother was ill.


He used to go to graze the cattle in the hills. As he was not well, my mother sent me for grazing the cattle. As I was grazing the cattle, I was informed by a Army officer that curfew has been imposed her and all the paths have been blocked. I got afraid. It became difficult for me to go to the home. There was a Army officer who was very kind hearted. He considered it his service to get me reach safely in the home.


He guided me through out the way to my home. But a miss happening occurred as we were passing from the area. A terrorist attacked me but the bullet from the gun moved toward that soldier and he was badly wounded. I got afraid. As he was protecting me to reach me safely in the home. Now I undertook it my own duty to get him reach safely in the hospital. As the hospital was far away from that area, brought him in my home so that my parents could help me in taking that soldier in the hospital.


But when I brought that soldier in home, my parents got very angry. They asked me what was the need of bringing this guy in the home. They said that this guy could be terrorist also. No body helped me in the home. When everybody was sleeping in the night, I thought of taking that soldier in the hospital as he was crying with pain. As hen could not walk, so I arranged a wooden carriage to carry him and started moving toward hospital. As I got tired, there was a home over that way and I stayed there with him. Lady in the home was very kind. She helped me a lot for taking that soldier in the hospital.


She had the phone number of military men. So she called them and they came in the military van and they took that guy in the hospital along with me. I took care of him throughout the day and night when he recovered his injuries, he thanked me for serving like this and proposed me for marriage. He told me that he has a very small family in a peaceful are where there would not be any sort of danger. Actually we both of us had started loving each other. He took me in his home which is very big and luxurious. I am very happy with my marriage and have two kids also.