First Wedding Night Experience

I am of 25 years old. My name is Ashima (Changed Name ) . Here I am sharing my first wedding night experience with you. I am a married woman. One year has passed to my marriage. I had step mother. She had not so much attachment with me. So she decided to get me married as early as possible. She selected a guy for me who was at least 10 years older to me. She did not much inquired about the family where she was getting me married. Somehow I was married to that guy who was much elder to me in age although that family was very rich.


It was my first night in that home. I was very nervous (At my wedding first night )and was thinking that my husband is too older than me in age and he would never be able to understand my feelings when I reached in the room, there was nobody inside. My sister in law came in to the room and started teasing me by saying that the guy with whom you are married is very strict and miser although she was saying it just because of fun.


When he entered in to the room, I got up from the bed as I was too nervous. He made me to sit on the bed. I was too nervous. He made me to sit on the bed. I was so nervous that I could not utter even a single word. He tried to make me laugh and divert my feelings. I felt myself relaxed. He just treated me like a small child. He completely understood my feelings. He told me that he would not like to touch me even for a single time when I do not get ready for it. He gave me as much time as I needed.

I had never thought that my husband would behave (On my first wedding night ) like this with me. I had never received so much attention and love from anybody in my life as I got from my husband. He had purchased a gift also for me. He handed over that gift to me with great respect and love. When I opened that box, it was a shining diamond necklace. I felt very happy when I saw this all. He told me that he was able to purchase this diamond set by collecting his hard earned money for two years for his wife. At that time, I felt myself very lucky by having such a husband. Now three years have passed to our marriage I have deep respect and love in my heart for my husband and he too loves me a lot and we have a baby girl also and are living happily in our home.