Fun in the absence of husband

My name is Aditi (changed Name). I am from Patna. I want to share an experience of my life which happened a year ago when I have made fun with strange guy in absence of my husband. I am twenty two years old and married. My husband is a school teacher. I have too much interest in studying. After taking the exams I decided to take the paper of I.A.S. my husband too was interested in it. So he also filled the form of I.A.S. we prepared ourselves a lot for the exam. When the date of the paper arrived, both of we went in Chandigarh to take the paper. My husband’s paper was in some another college and mine in some another.

After taking the First paper, I came out of the examination hall and decided to call my husband to discuss the paper. Paper Second was to take place after three hours. It was not possible for me and my husband to meet in between that period as our examination centers were far away from each other.

When I was going to find out to the near by S.T.D to call my husband, I met with a guy who told me at that he too is finding S.T.D for calling at his home (as mobiles were not allowed in the examination centers so I had not brought my phone with me) soon I found S.T.D and I called my husband and discussed about paper to my husband. As I was hungry, so I decided to eat something. That guy was too with me. He told me that he too is feeling hungry and he want to go in a restaurant to take food. He suggested me for taking food in the near by restaurant. I went along with him. He handed over me the menu and asked what you would like to it. I choose the items and he too chooses the same items. I was feeling very shy and uncomfortable with him as. I was worrying that what my husband would think about me if he sees me with that guy there. I took the lunch hurriedly. From his appearance he was looking in the age of thirties and I had guessed that he would be married. Sitting in the restaurant, I asked him if he is married, he said ‘no’. Was shocked to know that. In my heart of heart I was thinking of leaving the place, but I thought that I would how reach the college alone for paper-2 so, I decided of sitting there although unwilling. There was exhibition outside the restaurant. I had told that guy that I am married and I have a baby son also and so expressed my desire of buying something from the exhibition. I bought a pair of shoes, and a suit for my baby son. After that he bought ice cream and handed that over to me. I was reluctant to accept that but when he told again and again I accepted. Now we were getting late for the paper. So we decided to reach the college as early as possible unfortunately, we were not getting the bus to that are where our college was situated and the time was passing. I got much panicked and knew what to do. Finally the bus came and we sat in the bus. Luckily we reached at the time in the examination centre and took the exam. Exam was very easy and I qualified that exam easily.

My husband congratulated me when the exam was out but I was thinking if my husband knows where I was in between the exams (Fun with that guy) , then his attitude would be exactly the different .