fun love story – in english

My name is …… I am the students of P.G.D.C.A in a college. I was in love with a girl of my college I had not the courage to tell her that I am love with her. I choose my friend who was too frank with the girls. I requested him to convey my message to that girl ( with whom I was in love) that I deeply love her. He agreed & he told me after one day that he has passed the message to that girl & she wants to have friendship with you. I was very happy to know about it. I prayed to God & thanked him for that girl had accepted my proposal. I was too shy. Then I again wrote a letter to her expressed my desires for her & told my friend to pass this letter to her. This went on for full two months. I wrote several letters for her & got responses from her by my friend. My friend often asked me for money as he was passing my massages to her & bringing her messages to me. I whole heartedly helped her financially because at that time I was so much under the influence of that girl that I could do anything for getting response of my letter. Really those letters had become too much for me I shared whole of my experiences with her through the letters.

One day, that girl was passing from the corridor. Me & my friends were passing from the same corridor. My friends started making remarks related to my love for her. They passed a comment to her by saying that she appears too shy but she is too good & smart in writing the letters. That girl stopped & started asking about the letter. She asked ,” which letter I wrote to him. I was completely shocked. I showed her the letters. She answered that these letters are not from my side as these are not written by me.

Then I asked my friend who used to send my messages to her & brought her messages to me. I held the collar of her shirt & enquired about the whole matter. He told me that those letters were not from that girl. He himself had written those letters for him for the purpose of money and having fun. I was too angry with her because he had broken my trust. I still love that girl. But she does not know anything about it. Then I advised my friend by saying that not to play such sort of jokes with any one