Funny Love Proposal

My name is Aashima  (Changed Name ) . I am doing job in a company. There was a guy who followed me daily in the bus as well as on the way. Sometimes he tried to give me his phone no. also. Sometimes he kept roses in my way. I always ignored that guy as there was not even a little bit attraction in my heart for him. One day he was following me and came in my street when I coming back to home. My brother saw him. That guy was on the roof of a shop. When my brother noticed that guy he was following me. He went on the roof of that shop. When that guy saw him, he jumped from the roof of that shop and ran away without being caught. Next day, he again came in my bus and asked me if my leg would have broken. I asked him if I had told him to come in my way. Next day, he again followed me. My friend was also with me. Our conversation went on like this. he ask why do you ignore me? I,” I remained silent.


   He’ (asks).  You ignore me because you are rich and I am from poor family . I do not have bike and moreover I am not so smart.


   I :- I started laughing while listening to it.


  He : – You are just making fun of me by laughing on me.


After that he never came after me. I do not whether his feelings were true or not. But whenever I remember this incident of my life, I always laugh whole heartedly.


After some time I came to know from my friend that he has developed friendship with some other girl. But I really felt happy when he did not come after me after this incident.