Half-Completed Love story

My name is Aaren (Changed Name ) . I was studying in B.Tech and I had to go in some other college for placement. As there were many companies coming for the placement of the students. I went to Chandigarh Rayat College.  I gave interview in two companies and one was remaining to be attended. I was waiting in the class for my turn.

I saw a girl there and I was looking continuously to her. Her name was Anamika (Changed Name ) . She saw me and ignored me. She went from the class and I followed her. She was with her friend. In her way her friend started to talk to other friend and she was standing and not talking much. I was still noticing her. She again looked at me and again ignored me and moved ahead.

I went to the girl who was raking attendance with an excuse that I have to confirm my attendance. She gave me the sheet and I started finding Anamika’s name and her number. I found it and saved it in my phone. There was no need to save the number as I had already remembered it in a single reading.

Now I was called for interview. I went and appeared for the interview. Interview was good. They told me to come for the final round in Hyderabad location. The company was Techmahindra and the profile was software Engineer.

I was happy and went back to my home. Till then I was in train. I called Anamika. She did not pick up. I called second time she picked it.

I told her about myself: – I came to your college today for the placement. I saw you and you also looked at me. But the difference is you looked at me and ignored me. And to ignore you was not possible for me. I smiled.


She replied: – Very good! (And she disconnected the call).


I messaged her and told her to talk to me once.

I requested her and finally she picked up my call.


I talked to her like: – hi! Firstly thanks Anamika you picked up my call.


She said: – May I know you?


I replied: – Yeah! Myself Aaren and I was there in your class. And then in the place outside the corridor.


She said: – Ok ok! That was you?

Really it is disgusting that you stare at the girls.

I said: – But it is an amazing that you ignore the boys.



She replied: – Anything else?

I told: – Yeah! Please be a friend of mine.

See I’m very good guy, intelligent and handsome. Sorry I’m praising myself but this is the truth. You can know me from my college if you do not believe.


After some time she replied: – Ok! No need! We are friends.


I said: – Thank you.

I came to know that you are very studious girl and never in relationship before.

She replied: – Always remember “We are only friends”.

I said: – Yes I know and will remember it always.

We became friends and started spending a lot of time on phone. Our understanding developed.

So One day I proposed her.

But she answered: – Aaren I know you are a good guy, intelligent and handsome. You have all qualities. I also like you but still my answer is No. I’m sorry.

I asked: – But Why?

She did not respond.

I again asked: – Anamika if your answer is No then ok but still tell me the reason please.

She replied: – Because our religion is different. And my family will not agree for out of caste relation.

She only rejected my proposal due to the caste reason. Is this can be the cause of not making any relation? I don’t know why she is considering too much the caste matters in today’s time when people are so educated. And she is also well qualified girl.