Happy Love Story – Real Love Story

My name is Aashima (Changed Name) . I am in love. I am sharing my real story with you. I have one brother and one sister. My father is a business man. I am from Hoshiarpur. After completing my studies I took admission in an engineering college in Chandigarh. There was a guy named Rahul (Changed Name) in our class. He was very shy. I started liking him. I was known that he too likes me but has not the courage to share his feeling with me. But I was very bold. I was in the habit of wearing short dresses. I had interest in music, dance and make up. I could express My feelings to rahul , but I wanted him to express the feelings first. So I started going near him for one reason or the other.

Even then he did not express his feelings. Thinking that he would never be able to propose me, I sent a message on his phone, after reaching at home. My message was ‘I Love You’. Rahul was very happy to know about it and he too responded the love by sending me the message”; I love you too asnd called me. He was in his friend’s home and expressed his desire to meet me immediately. He drove so fast that he met with accident. Luckily he got little injuries and his friends took him in the hospital. I went to see him in the hospital. He felt very happy when I reached there after that we started calling each other daily.

We even started going on the dates really, these days were the golden days of our life and I still remember those when ever am free. We both had the ambition for marriage but we did not discuss about it for two years of our friendship. Firstly, we got ourselves settled in the carrier. For that we concentrated on the studies and completed M.B.A. after the completion of the course we started finding jobs. I and Rahul got job in a so very reputed company and luckily we both were selected over there.

One day, we planned for going on the date and we went there. I told Rahul a lie just for checking out what does he think about me for marriage. I told him that my parents have selected a guy for me for the marriage and they need my approval to it. Really, he was shocked to know that all and said that he wants to marry me. I was very happy to listen that and told him that I had just told him a lie just for checking out his feelings for me. He laughed loudly and after that he told his parents about me and expressed his desire of marrying me. His parents got agreed and came in our home for asking for my hand for their son. My parents too got agreed as rahul was from a very reputed family and they were in search of that type of guy for me. Finally, we got married and now four years have passed to our marriage and we are living happily and we have a baby son also.