He cheated me when I was pregnant

My name is Samridhi (Changed Name ). I am from Bombay. I am twenty six years old. I am the single child of my family. My father is a mechanical engineer in a reputed company. My mother is a doctor. After completing M.B.A. I started doing job in a company. When I was of marriageable age, my parents read a matrimonial from the tribune. It was told that guy was doing permanent job of bank manager and has good property on his credit. My parents showed interest that matrimonial and called there somebody picked up the call and my father suggested them about me for the marriage of their son. He told everything about our family, my complexion, height as well as qualification. They started showing interest in me. One day, my parents went in their home to see the guy. The home where they were living was very large. The guy about whom we had read that advertisement was extremely handsome and doing government job in the bank. My father got ready for the relationship. We decided the date of engagement and after that of marriage. My marriage took place on 12th December 2013. We had arranged a luxurious resort for the marriage ceremony. My parents spent lavishly on my marriage as they were very happy on this occasion. I was looking exceedingly beautiful on that day and was happy with my would be husband.

After marriage everything went on well for two months. Everybody showered blessings on me. They tried to keep me as happy as possible. I thanked God for getting the family which I always desired. Everybody was so caring, loving, attentive, and affectionate that I can not tell.

After third month of my marriage, I conceived the baby I was very happy because I always liked babies I had the greatest desire of becoming the mother after marriage because. I was of the view that a female becomes complete only after becoming the mother and giving birth to the baby.

After a month of my pregnancy I came too know the reality which was kept a side of me. I came to know that the house in which they were living was on rent. Even the furniture in the home was on rent. I was shocked when I came to know about it. I came to know about it when the home’s owner came in the home for taking rent and asked for it. When I started enquiring about it from the family, they told that there is nothing like that but I had started doubting a over it. One day, I was talking to a lady who lives near by my home. She told me that now the rents of the home have been increased. Then I asked if about the home in which we were living. She told me that the home in which she and her in-laws are living is on rent. She told that they had taken everything on rent for the marriage of their son. I got shocked. Next day, I enquired about my husband’s job. To my other surprise I came to know that he is not doing any govt job in the bank rather is an insurance agent. I started crying on knowing his all. My family is very rich. They can do everything for keeping me happy. They can give me a house also for living. But I do not want so. Because the people who behaved liked this with me, do not deserve anything from my side. Through this my real story, I want to make the people alert and request them that whenever they choose the family for their daughters, they should not act blindly. They should analyze everything before taking should analyze everything before taking any final decision regarding the marriage of their daughters.