Honesty is the best policy

Our parents from childhood teach us not to be dishonest to anyone. Honesty is the best policy. Then why today people keep doing such dishonest tasks to everyone. Today from politics to the basic family dishonesty is seen everywhere. People do not support anyone in trouble.

I realized this thing when my mother was very ill due to minor heart attack and she was in situation to be admitted in hospital soon. I took her to hospital.

They got my mother admitted soon and took her to Operation Theater at the same time promising me to save her.   People were going and coming out continuously from OT. I was praying to god again and again that my mother should be safe. The whole process of operation took 2 hrs.

After that doctor came outside being sad and informed me that my mother had no more. I went to sorrow. After that they informed me that after the postmortem I would get my mother’s body back. Before that I was to clear the hospital bills.

I Suddenly heard someone saying that hospital is indulged in many wrong activities so I wanted to enquired everything properly.

I informed police to enquire my case. Then I came to know that my mother had died during the way when I was taking her to the hospital.

That time I realized that no people around us is honest even not doctors. They showed her alive just for making payments and after that declared her dead which is really unethical.