I am confused about my relationship

My name is Rashi (Changed Name ) . these days I am confused about my relationship . I am from Delhi. I am doing M.Tech. Two years back; I started loving a guy who had prosperous business in Mumbai. His name was Ravi (Changed Name ) . Just before six months he got settled with his family in Delhi. He sold his factory in Mumbai because his business was not running well and got rupees 6 crore by selling it then he shifted in Delhi along with his family. And started doing the same business here. he invested the whole amount earned by selling his factory and his business did not work well even here and now he is left with just Rs 3 crore and he has taken loan from many banks also.

In the beginning, when he was in Mumbai, he always talked to me happily and I always felt intensity of love in him but now I think he has got frustrated with his life and just do not want to continue friendship with me and says that I would never be happy with him after marriage as his business is getting from bad to worse and he would never be able to keep happy and fulfill my demands. As I also belong to a prosperous family and my father is a billionaire and has lot of property on my credit, he always feel inferiority complex before me. He just wants to discontinue his friendship as he is very much class conscious.

If their business is not getting well, it is not my fault. Whenever, I give a call to him for talking to him, he never concentrates on what I say and always try to wind up the matter as early as possible so that he could disconnect the call. I do not know what has happened to him now. I have never seen this type of behaviour earlier. Although he wants to leave me but I do not want to leave him at any cost. I always say to him it does not matter for me if he is left with less money on his credit as feelings of love are not related to money but he turns deaf ear to it. Sometimes I feel he is just finding an excuse of his business for getting rid of me. Or he has started liking some another girl otherwise. He could not change in just few months. I am so confused to understand anything what is going on his mind. I always express my desire to him for meeting him so that I could relieve his tension and come to know what is in reality but he simply says that he does not want to meet me at all. I had discussed about Ravi with my dearest friend Sushma and she told me that Ravi is just want to get rid of you that is why he is making lame excuses. But it could not be so as my first love could not end like this. Please guys suggest me what should I do. Suggest me the way by which I could know the real picture of the whole scene.