I apologized that all was my mistake

My name is Sugandha (Changed Name ) . I am from Pathankot. My father has a prosperous business. I have one brother who is well settled in abroad and is happily married over there. My parents take great care of me as I am the single girl in my family. They care for me a lot. When I was in senior secondary class, a buy proposed me whose name was Amit (Changed Name). His feelings for me were true. As he was very smart, I happily agreed to his proposal. After that we exchanged over cell number and started calling each other daily. We started liking each other’s company. He was too much loving and caring for me. Whenever there was any problem in my life, he always got ready for helping me. I always got ready for helping me. I always felt that his happiness lies in my happiness only. So, he always tried to make me happy. Our life went on very well till six months of our friendship. After that some distances started taking place between us. As I am very beautiful, he always had the fear that any other guy could do anything for getting girl friend like me. But that the could never happen because I was in love with Amit only and never thought about any other guy. After some time we started fighting with each other on very small issues. As what ever he liked, always disliked and what was good in my opinion was always bad according to his view point. He was of the view that I should not wear the short dressed. Means shorts caprees etc. but I never thought that there is anything bad in wearing short and tight dresses.

One day, he saw me talking to a boy of my class. As he was from my relatives, so I was giving happily the answers whatever he was asking to me. When that boy went from the place, Amit came to me and started talking loudly to me for talking to that boy. I became very upset. I told him that the boy with whom I was talking is from my relatives but he was not ready to listen anything from me. He warned me for talking to any guy. At that time, I felt that Amit want to have over control over me. I was of the view that friendship means freedom but now my friendship had become limitation for me which I did not like at all. With the passage of time, over distances started increasing and one day, I told him that I want break up with him that I want break up with him and erased my all contacts with him. He too did not try to talk to me after that. He is still studying with me in graduation and was not any girl friend but I think his feelings for me now have been vanished as he does not pay even a small attention to me. Now it does not matter for him if I wear short dresses or talk to other boys. But now I feel that was all my mistake. I lost my best friend because of just small issues. I want to do friendship with him but I do not know if he would get ready for it or spurn my offer.