I hate whats app-misunderstanding in love

My name is sushant (Changed Name ) . I am from Uttar Pradesh. I belong to a reputed family. My father is a prosperous businessman and has much land on his credit. My mother is a house wife. I am studying in B.com second year and of nineteen year old. I am in love with a girl whose name is surekha (Changed Name ) . She is doing B.tech in the same college where I am studying. I started liking her when we were in senior secondary because she was different than other girls because of her way of dressing and look wise. She is extraordinarily beautiful. Her native place was Kashmir and from there, her family has shifted in Uttar Pradesh. As she is very beautiful, every calls him “Kashmir ki kali” in college. One day, I offered myself for helping her when she was a problem which I do not want to disclose through this writing. After that she started liking me and we became friend of each other.

With the passage of time, our friendship took the shape of love and I was so much in love with her that. I could not see her talking any other guy. Whenever she wears shorts, I do not feel good as many boys of the college look at her as she looks very beautiful in short dresses because of her fair complexion and attractive personality. We daily call each other and even use whats app when we are free at home after the college timing. I have noticed many times that she always remain online on whats app. Whenever I ask her to whom she was messaging then she says that I am in contact with so many guys and there is nothing bad in messaging them by whats app. I often feel that I will loose her to some another guy if she keeps herself busy on whats app. So I always say her for not agree to it. One day I told her either chooses me or whats app. Then she said that she would choose whats app than me. Since then I started hating whats app and I blocked my contacts with her and stopped using it because only due to it so many differences have taken place between me and my beloved