I HATE YOU – Twist in love story

My name is Rishabh (Changed Name ) . I am from Bombay. I am of twenty five years old. When I was in graduation. I started loving a girl. I had full faith in her. She too was studying in the same class with me. She was the eldest in her family. There was much understanding between us. We daily called each other. We went out on dates also in the restaurants she was very beautiful. I fell in love with her when I saw her for the first time. With much difficulty I was able to make her agree for the friendship. I did not pay any attention to my studies even during that time. She always showed me that she loved me much dearly but in reality she was just using me.

I came to know about it much later. She was in love with my friend Rehant (Changed Name ) because he was very rich. Actually, she was after his wealth- once she became friend of mine. She got the chance of talking to rehant also. Although rehant, in the beginning did not experience any sort of feeling for her but she took his phone number from my mobile without getting noticed and started calling him. In the beginning, she did not disclose her identity to him and talked to him by some another name and identity. But when my friend started liking her and told her to meet because he wants to meet her only then she disclosed her real identity and also told him that she was in love with him rather than me.

It was the time when Rehant to had started loving her. Now both of them started calling each other and started meeting at remote places. I too was feeling that priya (her changed name) was going away from me and I was not able to know the reason behind it. One day. I went in to the market with my mother. My mother was feeling hunger & expressed her desire of eating some thing in the restaurant. As I entered the restaurant, I was shocked to see Priya with Rehant and they were continuously looking at each other. They were sitting in such a way that everyone could easily come to know that they were in love with each other. I was not able to control myself on seeing this sight bit I exercised control over myself because of my mother but I was totally broken at that time. After reaching home, I called priya and asked her. What was she doing with rehant in the restaurant? She got afraid and started making lame excuses but I could not believe her because the way they were sitting near each other was showing that there is something different in them. Then I called rehant, he too started lame excuses and told me that he happened to meet priya coincidentally and they had not planned for that. Next day, I met with priya’s friend in the college she told me that priya was just using him for coming near rehant and she never experienced any sort of feeling for him in this way, the whole picture became clear to me and I started hating priya and hate till now. I can not believe any girl of the world after this incident.