I love you tommy

Hi brothers and sisters… I used to read many confessions in this official page daily. And everyone used to post their personal, feelings sadness and sometimes to get some ideas from yu.. But I m not here to tell abt my parents,friends,or my boyfriend and anyone else. Actually I even don’t know whether I can share this thing in this page..If it is not I m sorry.. I want to share something abt me and my best ever hairy friend TOMMY… Yeah he’s my pet dog.. He died yesterday.. Interested readers please continue others scroll up.. He died coz of an accident I think..even I don’t know the correct reason.. Day before yesterday we was hurrying fr an marraige occasion so he was upstairs.. I told my mom to leave him inside the portico but because of that tension my mom forgot.. That night itself we arrived.. He was well but the next morning his one if d leg was totally damaged I don’t knw how..I was getting ready for my college semester exam so I was not able to get him to the hospital my mom and dad too was not available because my uncle was admitted in hospital for serious heart attack.. So I went to college ten my dad called me and told that he’s is dead..I cried cried all the way through the road till I reach home… Actually 10days back I bought a cocktail ..Tommy also like him very much,he use to play with him too.. Now all are telling that when one pet is ter in home we should not buy another one..I don’t know whether it is true or not.. Now I m feeling guilty that because of that me he died…I hope still he’s with me,walks along with me,sits beside me….One advice for pet owners please care well of yur dogs or cat anything.. Don’t let them out…And please don’t hurt the road side dogs too..They too have blood it will pain for them…If it is disturbing yu means avoid them politely….. Please don’t hurt any animals….Atlast Love yu Tom….We r missing yu sooooooooo much…Your absence hurt us more…We will remember you for ever…Be with us at every moment Tom……..