Incomplete Love Story – pain in my life

My name is Nisha (Changed Name ). my love story is incomplete due to some reasons . I am from Mumbai. I am of twenty five years old. Five years back, I started loving a boy who was doing computer course with me in a coaching centre. Actually, in the beginning Rahul (that boy) was interested in me but and I had not any feeling for him. But with the passage of time, I too started liking him because of his good personality one day, he proposed me and I happily agreed to it as I had started liking him. We were used to talk at hours to gather on phone. We even started meeting each other in restaurants. I had full trust in him and he had promised with me that we would marry together. Few months back, he called me in his home I went there as I had full trust in him. There we stayed together for one full night as I had told in my home that I am going to stay in my friend’s Riya’s home whose mother is unwell and she needs my help. We came in to deep relationship with each other during that night and I conceived a baby. When I came to know about it on the next month, I got very upset. Then I discussed about it with Rahul. I called him on phone but he was busy. So I called him again and told him that I have conceived the baby. He too got very upset and advised me for aborting it. But I advised him for talk to my family for the marriage so that the life of the child could be saved. But he did not agreed to it and told that he does not need that child and want it to be aborted. Now I had not any other way except it. So I aborted the child but also broke my friendship with Rahul, because he had completely changed when he came to know that I am pregnant. Now I have lost interest in the every boy and even do not want to get marry. Even after aborting the baby, one day I told him for asking for my hand from my parents but he said that he does not have interest in marriages and want to be single. I do not know what the boys think. They just play with feelings of the girls and after that they discard them. Through this story, I just want to keep females aware by saying that they should never trust on the males as all males are just feeling less. They do love a female as along as the female do not get in to relationship with them but as soon as she gets in to relationship they loose interest in her and same happened with me.