Jacky, I Love You

My name is a Riya (Changed Name ) . I am from Banga. I am in tenth class. My Jacky passed away from me one month ago. It was so lovely, intelligent, faithful and romantic. I remember each and every moment which I spent with her I was in the habit of feeding Jacky before feeding myself. I always slept with Jacky. My parents often objected to it. But it had become my habit. Now as, Jacky is no more, I often sleep too late, miss Jacky a lot at night and sometime I find it on the bed but often tremble when I find that Jacky is not with me.

Whenever, I came from the school, I felt myself relaxed only after seeing Jacky. But now I often miss it. My parents too miss Jacky but my affection to it was more than anyone. I could not concentrate on anything for two weeks after Jacky’s death. My parents tried a lot to bring me out of the grief. Still I am not able forget him. I still remember how we make Jacky to take bath we had separate towel, shampoo and soap for my little jack. Jacky often did not like to take bath but I often did not like to take bath. But I often made it to take bath easily when we all used to play in the play ground, it often followed us. We often took its help for bringing the ball as its speed was very fast after my little dog’s ( Jacky) death, nobody from our family went out in the playground for playing one day, we planed to go there for playing. But could not play and started weeping as our dear partner Jacky was not there. Jacky was always very happy when we took it in the play ground. I still remember the day, when we were taking Jacky in the play ground and there was a big dog in the play ground who tried to harm Jacky. But we all children did every effort to bring Jacky out from the clutches of that dog. After this incident Jacky always kept near us in the play ground. It was even afraid of going to some distance alone as it felt itself safe and secure among all the children and especially with me. Wherever I went, I was in the habit of taking jack with me as I always though that nobody in the home would take care of it as I can. I only leave it at home during school hours. I was in the habit of talking to my friends about Jacky but now as it is no more, I do not find any subject to all about with my friends. I often asks myself why did I let my attachment grow toward Jacky. Few days before its death, it got infection. We consulted many doctors for its treatment. I even took full one weeks leave from school to take care of it. But in spite of our care it died. Really these days are very burdensome or painful for me as I am not able to forget my sweet Jacky.