Journey to shimla – True Romance in Bus with boyfriend

My name is Sanjana (Changed Name ) . I am from Hoshiarpur. I read in M.A First year. When I was in B.A. Third year, our class planned for going on a tour. These were the days when a boy had proposed me for the friendship. Because I had too much liking for him, so I agreed for the friendship with him. That boy’s name was Rajeev (Changed Name ) . Our teacher had told us that the students who are willing to go on the tour can take part in it. Rajiv too was going on the tour along with his friends. He wanted me also to go. As I belonged to very backward family, my parents were not willing to permit me to go on a tour. But I had great desire to visit Shimla along with Rajiv. So I told lie to my parents by saying that it is compulsory for the whole class to go on the tour. So my parents allowed me to go on that tour although unwillingly.

I was very scared inwardly as I was thinking what would happen if my parents come to know that this trip was not compulsory. But my desire to visit Shimla with Rajiv overpowered all my fears and I got ready for the tour. Rajiv was very happy on knowing that I am going to Shimla. I got up at 5:00’ o clock in the evening, took bath wore the best of my clothes and got ready. My brother took me to the place where we were to assemble. The bus came and all the students started sitting in it. Our history teacher, Mrs. Pushpinder Mam (Changed Name) too was with us. I got seat with Rajiv. We keep on talking all throughout the way. The time that we spent in the bus is really unforgettable because all of us enjoyed a lot. He was praising me again and again for looking beautiful as I was in jeans, top on that day. We shared all eatables with each other. I had cooked cheese chilly in the morning and brought it with me. He ate it and praised me for cooking it as it was very delicious. Soon we reached Shimla. As we were soon we reached Shimla. As we were continuously talking to each other, we did not come to know how the time passed. It was very cold there. As I was wearing the top without sleeves and shivering, he gave me his shirt which he had brought with him. I wore it and felt relaxed although I was looking very funny in it as it was not according to my size. After that we all the students went for shopping. Rajiv bought earrings for me and I bought a watch for him. Really that watch I was looking gorgeous in those earnings. We all the students spent night in the hotel. There were separate rooms for the girls and boys. When I went in to the room, which was allotted to me with my other friends (girls), they started teasing for spending the whole day with Rajiv and ignoring them at all. But I told them to keep on talking and went to sleep. We get up at 7’o clock. It was very cold outside. Then we took breakfast and our class teacher told us for getting ready to go back. This time again I took seat with Rajiv and enjoyed a lot throughout the whole passage reality these are the days which I could never forget.