Life and its results – english story

Life and its results!

My name is Aanya ( Changed Name ). I have just completed my MCA and had much dreams to get well settled when I was in my internship period, I started search to get job in some MNC. I found before three years, before my MCA that there is much demand in market of MCA. As now I’m at the point to complete my masters in computers. My company in which I was doing training, it committed that they would provide placements, but they didn’t conduct interview in any of the company. But I searched job with my own efforts and I did it.

My internship period was over I went to college and met all friends. Some were saying that they are placed due to their father’s knowns in some company; some were saying “we are trying for lectureship; some were involved into government preparations. I was one of them, who was trying for private sector and side by side preparing for government job.
I joined one of the jobs in Chandigarh in MNC. But its working timings was long and in daily up-down, I was unable to continue the job. I resigned it after 10 months.
I started searching in some other company; some were paying less than my previous company. So my family was not agreeing to accept that job offer. I was still searching and got selected in one of the best companies with good CTC. But what was there? They had night shifts and job profile in rotation. My family was again not agreeing with this night shift job. So I again rejected this offer.
Now I was thinking to get job in short working hours in day timing. I searched and got selected in some company in village area. I thought I should join it now. I joined that and worked for 2 years.
One day I was standing alone along my home window, there was beautiful nature like an amazing park with beautiful roses. I was looking above on the sky that there were some clouds. Within few minutes it started raining, the environment was looking so beautiful. I was thanking God for making the nature and my surroundings so beautiful but why did he write struggle in my life so much. At that time one of my friends Alina ( Changed Name) came. Our conversation was like:-
Alina:- Hi aanya!
Aanya:- ( With surprisingly) O.. hi.. Alina ! How are you?? After a long time…where you were and when you came to home?
Alina:- I came in last weekend. Company granted me some holidays.
Aanya:- Waoo.. It’s really nice.
Alina:- yes
Aanya:- hmm
Alina:- Well Aanya, How are you doing?
Aanya:- it’s all well
Alina:- Good Aanya! Enjoying weather?
Aanya:- Yeah ! It seems much beautiful
Alina:- I don’t know but it seems that you like this nature, but also asking something from nature.
Aanya:- Yeah … May be.
Alina; – Let me know, what are you thinking?
Aanya :- Nothing, only I was thinking, the laws of nature.
Alina:- I know, don’t think what nature is doing with you.
Think only, what you got and don’t think about what you didn’t get.
What you get, appreciate it and try for the best. Don’t think you have struggled to achieve it, but like the way at least you have the ability to achieve something good
Aanya: Yeah you are right.
Now I got my answer. I said thanks to Alina.
I thought the life is more important than the results of life.
I learnt the less and
Now I have no questions and found myself satisfied.

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