Love and Sacrifice – True Love Story

It was a rainy day. I was sitting at the door of my house and she was at her window just in front of my house.
The weather was so pleasant that day suppose the colorful ribbons flowing all around. Trees were dancing on a song and the breeze was singing.

Many times I met with her but could not ask her name even. After these silent meetings I started liking her a lot. I became crazy about her.

Today I saw her again at her window standing as if she was waiting for me. Suddenly someone called her and she trembled with fear and went away.

I was very curious to know what she wanted to say. After some time a milkman came at the door of my house offering milk. I thought he wanted me to give something like a piece of paper.

Yes exactly…it was her letter…
Few lines from the same letter are: – hello dear.. Please forgive me … I love you too but I am engaged with someone from very earlier.

What to you think now? What do you think I left her alone?
Nooooooo.. Her such a great confession has given me confidence that I’ll never leave her alone in any circumstances of her life.

Love is not just to gain something always but it is sometimes a great sacrifice also.