Love by chance

My name is Anuraag (Changed Name ) . I am sharing my experience with you which is 6 years old. At that time I was in college doing B.Tech. I was new comer in the college. My seniors asked me to perform a task. There was a boy whose girl friend was doing B.Tech in a near by college and was living in hostal. On that day, there was teddy day. My seniors asked me to hand over this teddy to the girl friend of one of my senior. It was very dangerous to go in the girl’s hostel and hand over teddy to that girl.


I got afraid of them and undertook that task. Right in the morning, with my friends I went toward girl’s hostel. My friend’s stayed outside as it was not possible of entering all the boys in the hostel. I entered in to the hostel. I had teddy in my hand. All the girls of the college had gone for submitting their project. There was a girl whose project was stolen when she was going in the market for Binding it. As her project was not ready she stayed in the hostel and did not go in the college for submitting it. When I saw that girl, she got afraid on seeing me.


I told her everything and asked about the girl to whom I was supposed to hand over that teddy. She told me the room of that girl. But by mistake I entered in to the warden’s room. I was holding teddy in my hand. She noticed that there is someone in her room. When she was about to see me, I hide my face with the help of teddy. She was not able to recognize me. My friends were standing outside the college and were calling me again and again to come after performing the task. But it was very difficult to find that girl and to hand over the teddy.


Some how that girl whose project was not ready helped me a lot for handing over that teddy to that girl. I performed the task and was about to leave the hostel. But I noticed that the girl who was very helping to me was not willing to let me go back out of the hostel. He was showing too much concern for me I too felt that a bond has been established between me and her. But my friends were calling me again and again so I went out of the hostel even without having any wish. But I had promised with my self that I would do everything for reaching the solve project to that girl with whom a strong bond of love had been established. With great difficulty I prepared the same project which was stolen and went again in the hostel for handing over that project to her. She hugged me for many times when she saw the project. Now we have become good friends and two years have passed to our friendship.