love changes with money – heart touching story

My name is Rahul (changed Name ). I was working as software engineer in a multinational IT Company. This is my true story. I was very happy that my family searched a good and very beautiful girl for me. Her name is riyan (Changed Name ). Riya is very beautiful and she is the only girl in the city who was so attractive and cute in looks. I met her and I had a very nice talk with her. I thought to talk to her once before marriage. I wanted to know, what she wants in actual? Is she really likes me or not? I met and asked her about her willing. I went to meet her.
I said to Riya:- Riya, As you know,we are getting married?
Riya answered:– Yeah Rahul! I know
I asked;– Riya… I want to know. Do you really like me or you are making relation with me due to the family’s wish.
She replied:– No, I like you…
I smiled and told:- I like you too.
You are so beautiful. I know you know this but still want to say you this. I’m good brain wise
But looks wise not much like you so I thought I should make it clear to you first.
Riya smiled and said:– No you are good looking too.
I told ok, I need to ask this question only. Let me go now.
She told ok.
Our marriage was fixed after six months. We had an amazing and memorable time between our engagement and marriage. We enjoyed that time a lot.
After six months we got married.
Our relatives came in our home to meet us and to congratulate us.
My company boss named Ajay (Changed Name ) also came to meet me.
He gave compliment to me “Good couple and beautiful wife”!!
I said thanks.
After 1 year we were blessed with a baby boy. Me and my wife are very happy. We admitted our children to a good school. This school came in second rank in all over city.
One day Ajay my boss came to my home. He met my child and told me to admit him in some other good school.
I told:-That school is far. And this school is also very good. Children of big royal families are studying here.
Ajay said” I will pay his fees and will buy him a car with driver. So that it will be easy for him to up-down from the school to home.
My wife said:- Ok I agree to it.
I was looking at Riya. Roya told this and moved towards kitchen to bring something to eat for Ajay.
His school was changed.
After two months it was the festival of holi.
I saw Riya in white saree and told her:- you are looking so amazing in white color.
She said:- Thank you and moved from there.
I took the red color and was going to play with Riya,
She said:- Please Rahul I do not play holi.
I said :- Ok no problem.
I came back to my room and started my office work.
In the meantime,Ajay came to my home.
Ajay asked my wife to play holi.
She answered him”- yeah lets go outside.Holi is so beautiful festival to celebrate.
I was shocked.
The day was finished.
I went to separate room to sleep/
Nextday I came to my room and I saw there is a letter placed at bed in which Riya had written “ I’am going with Ajay.Please never say me to come back. I can be more happy with Ajay.”
From that day to today I just think that why I got married to Riya as she was too much money minded. Had I knew it before I would have not married her. She ditched me just because of Ajay as he was more financially sound than me.