Love Confession

…dear admin..I juz wanna appriciate each nd evry member of this wonderful page…plz post my confession WARNING:it’s vryy long….so..coming to d point…itz my first ever confession…m a 16 yr old gal..daughter of a JWO..nd in love wid an airman…who’s goin to be an officer vry soon..m currently in clss 11th ..nd a scholar..our relationship has crossed 1year nd 6 months…now d thing dat is tickeling dat my bf..always says dat he wants to marry me…nd he himself says dat ..I knw itz not possible for us to get together…he was away frm me…for last 4 months..nd during this period he broke up with me…I feel he is juz playing wid ma emotions bcz..I have some proofs regarding his affair wid someone elz..btw he is vry smart nd has a gentleman kinda sometimes..I get confussed …evrytime whn I try to get away frm him..she manages to calm me down..we both r vryyy focussed towards our core aim …nd he has always encouraged me..! He is 7 nd half years elder dan me as well…I wanna get out of this relation..but d crazy fact is that ..”I love him”…nd he loves me too…! Should I just keep on going…bcz I knw somewhr in my heart..dat whtevr m doing is vry wrong …in d views of society per being the only daughter of my loving papa..I don’t wanna let his head down ..ever nd never….m vry sharp in studies..nd I always try make ma father feel proud on me..but..I actually got worried ..whn I thought..”what if my paa will get to knw abt him?”..he says m his true luv..but..rarely evn msgs me..stays online for late nights but nvr bothers to talk to me..! I life hasn’t ended yet..nd sometimes itz jus better to move on..bcz som ppl can stay in our heartz but not in our livez..m I right? Shld I walk off…bcz I knw in d coming period m gonna mess up all d things together…itz my time to build my career nd I knw it vry well..ek cheez to apni bi bhot khrb h..nd dat is …m soo curious abt evryything..mujhe pta h mai kitti bi koshish kruu yr..ek na ek msg to hoo hi jaata h..I want ur suggestions…m vryy confussed..plz guys..plz rembr..I luv him…itna aasan nhi h unse durr jaana..but..I can’t risk my father’s respect nd my family values for anyone…plz suggest somthing…nd don’t hesitate to tell me m vry stupid or dumb…bcz..I knw itz wrong..-“but whn it comes to love..age is just a number”. I’ll be vry thnkfull to evryonee here… no matter bad comments i’ll get…but I love this page …nd d awesome admin..! Thank you.!