Love is not everything but the responsibilities too

My name is Yash (Changed name). I was studying in Engineering College and was doing in Mechanical. I liked the girl in my college. I found her cute and very sweet girl in the whole college. Her name is Yashika (Changed Name). One day I tried to talk to her. I purchased red flowers to give to Yashika. I went to her and she crossed me. I failed to talk to her. My friends started laughing on me as I wasn’t able to purpose a girl.

But I told all of them: – I really liked Yashika and I do not want to loose her in any case. That’s why I feared to talk to her.

They all smiled and said: – ok. Better luck next time.

I tried 3-4 times but I did not propose her. One day I decided at morning today I will come to home only after proposing Yashika. I went to college and requested her to talk to me once only.

She stopped and asked:- what?

I gave flowers to her and replied:– I like you Yashka. I like you a lot. From very first day of college when I saw you I fell in love with you. Everything got difficult for me. I’m not taking food, spending sleepless nights. It is difficult for me to survive.

She said:- she received flowers and dropped them.

She went from there.

It hurted me a lot. I had everything with me from big things to small ones. But it was looking impossible to live without talking to Yashika.

Her father came to know about me. He came to my college and beat me. I got many wounds on my body and head. I became unconscious. My friends took me at hospital. I was in numb stage. When my mother came to know about me she got heart attack and died.

One of our (mine and Yashika) common friends jiya (Changed Name ) went to Yahika’s home.

She talked to her:-

Jiya told :- Yashika why are you doing this to Yash?

Yashika replied: – What am I  doing? I refused him but still he is following me. What’s my fault in this?

Jiya said:-Yeah you have no mistake. He truly likes you and you not. You know what his friends told him? His friends told him to make a fake recording of yours and yash and then show it to all, to leave it to all, to your family and to all public. When everybody will ask Yashika about it then it will  render her helplessness to say you ‘yes’.

You know what his answer was: – I don’t want to choose any wrong way to get Yashika. I don’t want to spoil her image. I want her to come to me by her own wish only. I’m just trying to impress her, to convince her but I don’t want to harm her. I like her and don’t want to feel her down in front of anyone.

But you have only dream to win gold medals and to become a successful Engineer. What you will do with your medals, trophies and degrees, when you were alone in your life? Ok! You live with your books. Bye.

After some days I came outside from my injuries and I came to know about my mother.

That day was full of misery and grief. I thought I should also die, why my friends and doctors saved me.

Other day I saw Yashika in front of me.

She said: – I love you Yash.

I said: – .  I know the day was there when I was like dither to listen you, to meet you and to talk to you. But now I don’t need your love yashika. If I get my love after wasting four years of my life and after loosing my mother then I don’t need my love. I’m sorry Yashika. Forgive me. Take care!