Love or false – All Boys are same

My name is Aneesha (Changed Name ) . I am from Chennai. I am of eighteen years old. I am doing graduation in a college. I want to know that are all boys are same ? Few days back I started liking a guy of my class. One day he came near me and proposed me friendship. I happily agreed to it. I never tried to find out in the college what type of guy is he because I had full trust in him. From his talks, it had become 100% sure that he loves me a lot and could never think about any other girl. We exchanged our phone numbers. We started calling each other daily. Whenever I was on phone and my mother asked me to whom I was talking, I always told lie to her by saying that it is Sheena (my friend). My parents always had full trust in me. I was the youngest in my family. So all of my family members loved me a lot. They tried to make me happy every time.

One day, it was Sunday; I was watching T.V. at that time when my phone’s bell rang. It was sumeeit. (My boy friend). I kept my phone on silent mode and went inside my bed room for talking to him. At that time our conversation started like this:-

Me:- Hello

Sumeet: – Hello Jaanu.

Me:– How are you?

Sumeet:– fine but was missing you.

Me:– O.K.

Sumeet: – Please come to meet me.

Me:- No, it is not possible. We will meet on some other day.

Sumeet: – Please

Aneesha: – O.K. let me take permission from my parents by saying that I want to go to shaya’s home (my friend). If they get ready then I would come to meet you. My parents granted me the permission for going in shaya’s home as I had told then that some of my English work is pending. So I want to consult shaya for that. But they had never thought even in a dream that I was telling lie to them because in reality I was going to meet sumeet.

I reached at our meeting place on exact time. Sumeet was already there waiting for me. He was very happy to see me. He told me that he wants to spend that noon with me. I was shocked to know about it. But he told me that there is no need to worry because he was not any evil intention toward her. He had already got a room booked in that restaurant. He took me in that room. He told me for come on the bed. When I sat on it, he made me to lie over there and told me that he wants to have relations with me. I immediately got up and slapped on his face and told him that I had never expected this type of behaviour from him as. I had always thought that her love to me is absolutely pure and spiritual. He tried to stop my way but somehow I got cut from the room. After that incident I broke my friendship with him and vowed that I would not trust any of the (boy) guys of the world. After that I never spoke lie to my parents and started concentrating just on studies. All boys just want to use the girls. They think that the girls are just like the things of use and after that they start finding some other girl for flirting. They can never understand the true value of love as they are not made for that.