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Hi friends My name is s…… I want to share an incident related to my life with you to relieve my pain. I was in B.SC 3rd year studying in a college at that time. A boy came in to my life. From his appearance he was very smart and innocent. But his friendship was with such persons who were well known for the bad activities. When I saw him for the first time he showed his interest toward me. As I was single I too showed my interest toward him. We started talking to each other freely either on phone or in the college. He appeared too sensible to me. I fell under his spell of innocence and sensibility. I had heard from other girls of my contact that the boy whose influence I was is a flirt. He be fooled many other girls also earlier. But I did not believe it at all because I had fallen in love with him. His behaviour to me was caring and loving. I started liking his each and every activity. As that was the final year of my class in the college and after that I was going to leave that college for ever. It had become difficult for me to forget about that boy and concentrate on the studies as final exams were approaching.The exams were quite near. We talked to each other during the exams and spent time with each other that time was just like heaven for me. But when my exams were over I lost contact with that boy as I did not go in the college after that. One day, I tried to call him but his phone was out of coverage area. I tried again & again but the situation was same. Actually he had changed his sim card to avoid me at all. I was fully shocked at that time. He thought how a boy who was so full of care toward me can try to avoid me fully by changing his no. at that time I thought had I believed the other girls who had given the statements against him and warned me about not involving with him, the situations would have been completely different as I would have been free from any problem which was brought by the boy with whom I was in love but he was just playing with my feeling like a play boy. I still live in dilemma when ever I think was it love or flirt.

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