Love or Friendship with Friends wife

My name is armaan (Changed Name) I am living in Chandigarh and of 35 years. I am married and have two sweet children . I am working in an M.N.C. My wife is doing job over that place. I have a friend. Its not just ordinary friend , but one of my best friend. I often go his home. His house is just next door to us. We had good family relations with each other. But now the sweetness between both the families has decreased because that guy suspects me for having relationship with his wife.

But we are just good friends (me and his wife ) . There is nothing between us. My wife understands this thing and she never blames me for having relationship with any lady of the world because I love my wife the most. She is a very beautiful lady. I can not imagine anybody else as my wife except her. But my friend does not understand this thing.

He often fights with me for one thing or the other. He often scolds his wife because he has doubt that his wife has relationship with me. I had never thought with me. I had never thought that my friend would act like this and would mean this I shares my household matters with his wife. His Wife is a very good nature lady.

Even before her marriage, with that guy, our families had relationships with each other She is very innocent and pure hearted lady. She never retorts back to her husband. She has stopped calling me now. My friend does not have heart. He just thinks with his mind. He has never tried to understand her.

He does not allow to come his children in our home. Prior to it, our families spent each festival together and we planned for going outside with each other. I do not why our society think like this. Why are the males always suspicious about their wives? Why do they scold them and abuse them even without having any fault. Now I do not go in their home. I want to keep their relationship sound. So if there is any weakness coming in their relationship just because of me then I would like to keep myself away from their house hold matters.