Love verses family – True Love Story

My name is Nitika (Changed Name) . I am from Pathankot. After doing graduation, my parents got me admitted in one of the College of Jammu University for doing B.E.D. So I shifted from pathankot to Jammu. I took a room in the hostel of that college and continued my studies. The environment of the college was very cool and loving. It was very cool and loving over there. There was a guy in our class who was from Chandigarh and doing B.E.D with us. He was very attractive and handsome from the very First day, when I saw him; I fell in love with him although I had not talked to him because his appearance was very appealing. I had often thought of having boy friend like him. He too had come to know that I am interested in him because it was impossible for me to control my feelings on seeing him one day, when the classes were over and students were departing from the classes, he came and proposed me.

I was very surprised and happy at that time because I had thought that he has not courage to propose me. I immediately said ‘yes’ to him. He sat near me and enquired about my family, my caste, my father’s occupation etc. I told him everything linked to my life. I too was interested in knowing about his family. So I asked him about his family. He had one brother and one sister. They had their own flat in chandigarh and father was an engineer in a reputed company. There was not shortage of money in the home as her mother was also employed in government sector. At that time, he told me that he is not interested in just time pass. He has feelings about the future with me. Actually he was giving the hint of the marriage as our castes were same and he was very happy to know it all.

I was so surprised to know that he had planned even for future with me. But I told him that my parents are from rural background. They would not get ready for the love marriage. But he said that he would present the case in such a way before his parents that they would never able to say ‘no’. our friendship continued just for seven months because our B.ED course was over. After that he wants to Chandigarh and I in Pathankot. He started doing M.A. (English) in a college near by my home it was the time when my parents started finding a guy for marriage with me. I was still in contact with Rajeev (Changed Name ) on phone. I had not the courage to tell my parents that I am already involved with a guy. When a guy was coming to see me for the purpose of marriage I became very upset and told everything to Rajeev. He came in our home and pleaded the case. He told everything about his family and about him. My father was of the thinking the guy with whom he marry his daughter must have some land and should be doing job in government sector.

But Rajeev family had not land moreover. He was not doing government job. So, my father disagreed for it. He went back to the home in sad mood. I did not eat anything after that I told my parents that if they do not get ready for my marriage with Rajeev, then I would not get ready for marriage with any one. My parents tried to convince me a lot. But it was not of any use. In the last, my parents got ready for my marriage with Rajeev really that day was wonderful for me. The date of our marriage was fixed and we got married. Now I have a baby boy and I am living happily with Rajeev. Moreover my in laws family is very co-operative I am very lucky that I got Rajeev as my husband.