Love v/s crime – Based on Real Triangle love story

My name is raveesh Sharma (Changed Name) . I am not sharing any experience related to my life but I just saw it happening with my friend. Who were my best friend and his name was kanav mishra (Changed Name). He was involved in the business of marketing and often used to go on tours. Due to his business purposes. Economically he was not so sound. So he was living as tenant in his friend’s home. His wife was very smart. Her name was rashmi (Changed Name) . He was living in his friend’s home. So his friend, Manish was not taking any money from him as rent of the home. After six months of their staying in Manish’s home, Manish started liking kanav’s wife rashmi. As Manish was extremely rich, rashmi too started talking each other on phone. Manish started visiting kanav’s room in his absence in order to meet rashmi as with in six months of their stay in his home, his attachment to her had grown to great extent. As rashmi was extremely beautiful and kanav was divorce it was natural for kanav to get attracted toward kanav’s wife. Moreover, kanav stayed out of the home most of his time because of his job and it was useful for Manish to get near to rashmi.

One day, it happened that kanav went on tour due to his work but his company cancelled the appointment and fixed it on some another day. So kanav decided of going back to his home. He tried his wife’s phone again and again to inform her that he is coming back as the appointment has been postponed but her wife’s phone was on silent mode. So he was not able to intimate her. But when he reached home and knocked the door of the room and when the door opened he was surprised to see Manish in his bed room lying on his bed. Now it became clear to him that there is something going on between him and his wife.

Due to the tension, he even left his job and started living in the home. He was often seen rebuking to his wife. One day, quarrel took place between kanav and his wife. Kanav started beating her; Manish could not see it as he was too much attached to her. So he tried to stop kanav but in frustration kanav picked up a large rod of iron and attacked on Manish. Manish died on the spot. Police came and arrested him. Now he is in prison and his wife is living at her parent’s home. By this real story I just want to convey my message to all that extra marital affairs always lead to sufferings or sometimes even death. So we should never indulge in it at any cost.