love with jija ji

love with jijaji – true love story

My name is Shikha (Changed Name ) . I am from Patna. When I was in BA 2nd year, I started loving a guy. He was 10 years elder to me. I had deep attachment with him. Often we went out for the dates. Our relation was not just related to heart or spirit, I had become physical also. That guy was from our relatives. My sister was of marriageable age and was 8 years elder to me. My parents were finding a suitable guy for her. Some one from our relatives suggested that guy (with whom I was in relation) for her. I got fully shocked at that time when I came to know about it. But my parents were very happy as they had got a suitable guy for my sister. Everybody was happy in the home including my sister except me. My parents would have never accepted that guy for me as he was ten years elder to me. He had a reputed business.

That guy too had wish to live in relation with me. I some how made him to agree for the marriage with my sister as in this way I too had chances of meeting with  him again & again. The date of their marriage was fixed. Although I was not inwardly happy with the marriage yet. I pretended to be happy. My sister got married with that guy. But relation between them is not so fast as it should be. That guy means my jija ji is still in love with me and I am too a whole heartedly devoted to him. He often come in our home for one excuse or the other. We often talk for hours while. Sitting in the home. But now my sister sometime gets jealous from me because my jija ji does not talk or feel comfortable with her as with me. She does not want that my jija ji should come in our home. That is why she too avoid coming in the home. Her nature has fully changed. She does not like me or behave with me as earlier. The distances between us our growing more with the time. Now more that five years have passed since their marriage took place but they do not have any issue.

My jija ji’s intimacy with me has not reduced for me even a little bit. My parents are thinking about my marriage now. But I do not want to marry any guy as I am deeply in love with my jija ji. But my sister want me to get married as early as possible. What should I do in such a situation. Suggest me the best possible way by which I could feel relaxed and do not hurt any body’s feelings.